How can you help?

We neighbors have spent over $35,000.00 on legal fee's just to fight for enforcement of our rights that are already written into the laws and ordinances of Albion, Dane county, the State of Wisconsin and the U.S government. It is nearly impossible as a citizen to get our governing bodies to enforce the laws once they give out a special favor to a multi million dollar corporation or business like Yahara Materials Inc.. We already have Supreme Court case law on our side, but, we are being bled dry. We need your help to keep up the fight to further strengthen the case laws to prevent this from happening, to keep individuals fighting against companies with unlimited resources from winning by bankrupting those that oppose them.

Please consider donating even a dollar to and please visit us on Facebook . We can win this fight and stop this from happening in your backyard next! Thank you!

Show up at the meeting and express your objection in person, we need support from people that want to preserve our natural wildlife habitat and protect the rights of people to the quiet enjoyment, safety, and preservation of their already permitted uses and value of their homes. If we do not hold the zoning departments to follow their own rules, none of us is safe from this happening to you and your wildlife.

We need representation, if you are a legal professional, a conservation professional, a real estate professional, a health professional and care about these issues, please help us. We had almost no advance notice of this huge assualt on our land, our homes, our wildlife, our rights, and our safety. A few minutes of your time to speak in support at the meeting would be so greatly appreciated. We are a small group of neighbors, we need help.

Email an objection to Dane County Zoning if you cannot attend, it is important that they know that others support our cause to save our homes and environment. You can click on the link in the meeting information area on the home page to send your objection.

Tell your friends and family about our effort to save Albion Prairie!